About me

I am an assistant professor at Polytechnic University of Bari (Politecnico di Bari), affiliated with the Information Systems Laboratory (SisInf Lab), with the lead of research group done by Prof. Tommaso di Nioa. Prior to that, I was a postDoctoral Researcher at SisInf Lab Polytechnic University of Bari and a research collaborator at IR Lab-University of Milano Bicocca, Italy overall for a period of 1.5 year. My main areas of research span a range of topics focusing largely on recommender systems.

I graduated in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology (CTH) by completing MSc thesis at Multimedia Department of Ericsson Research in Stockholm, Sweden. My MSc courses were completed at three leading technical univeristies in Sweden: Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Chalmers University of Technology (CTH), and Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) where I ranked first among all fellow students of the programme with straight A+ GPA (see here). I was awarded a PhD degree with distinction in Computer Science from Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano). During my PhD, I was a visiting researcher at Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz, Austria for a period of 6 months. In addition, I studied English Linguistics at University of Gothenburg (GU), which lead to a Bachelor's degree in Art.

I have (co-)authored different refereed articles at internationally recognized conferences and peer-reviewed journals among others published in Journal of UMUAI, IEEE TKDE, Journal of Data Semantics, ACM RecSys, ACM MMSys, ACM CHI in addition to a 2018 US Patent. I have served as a PC member or reviewer for different top-tier conferences and journals. I have been involved in organization of the ACM RecSys Challenges 2019 (hosted by Trivago) and ACM RecSys Challenges 2017 (hosted by Xing ) as part of the ACM Conference on Recommender Systems as well as MediaEval Benchmarking Initiative for Multimedia Evaluation with the focus on leveraging multimedia content for enhancing recommendation of different products (media or non-media items). To know more about my research activities, see my publication page.

Special Issues News

  • *New* Special Issue call for papers on "Multimedia Recommendation Systems" in International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval - Springer (Deadline: Oct 1st, 2019 Nov 24th, 2019)

Current Research Topics

  • Recommender systems, user modelling and personalization
  • Multimedia Recommender Systems
  • Fairness of Recommender Systems
  • Advanced Machine Learning (Advarsarial Learning, Federated Learning)

Academic Services

  • Organizer: ACM RecSys Challenge 2019 (session-based hotel recommendation/Trivago), ACM RecSys Challenge 2017 (Job Recommendation/Xing), MediaEval 2019 (MovieRec and NEWSReel), MediaEval 2018 (MOvieRec)
  • PC Member: RecSys 2019, ACM Multimedia 2019, UMAP 2019, ECIR 2019, MMSys 2019, ExHumWS@UMAP2019, RecSys Challenge WS 2017, 2018, 2019

Selected Publications


October 15, 2019A brand-new tutorial accepted for presentation at WSDM 2020 on Adversarial Machine Learning in Recommender Systems (AML-RecSys)! Visit WSDM 2020 Tutorial page.
Sep 5, 2019 Best short paper award at the 17th International Conference on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing (CBMI'19) for the paper "Retrieving Relevant and Diverse Movie Clips Using the MFVCD-7K Multifaceted Video Clip Dataset" by Yashar Deldjoo and Markus Schedl! *highlight*
July 14, 2019 Our paper "Towards Effective Device-Aware Federated Learning" by Vito Walter Anelli, Yashar Deldjoo, Tommaso Di Noia, Antonio Ferrara accepted at the 18th International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence AIIA 2019! See publication page. *highlight*
July, 2019 3 papers accepted at RMSE, ImpactRS, IntRS workshops at RecSys 2019! See publication page.
June 26, 2019 2 papers (1 short + 1 demo) paper accepted at CBMI 2019!. See publication page.
May 8, 2018 The CfP for our Special Issue on "Multimedia Recommendation Systems" in International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval - Springer is out: See this link. (Deadline: Oct 1st, 2019)
Dec 29, 2018Our brand-new UMUAI paper titled "Movie Genome: Alleviating New Item Cold Start in Movie Recommendation" has been accepted! Find publication page.
Nov 21, 2018The information about ACM Recommender System Challenge 2019 is now live!
Oct 12, 2018Our US PATENT application titled "Enhanced content-based multimedia recommendation method" has been just accepted! See publication page.
Oct 06, 2018The ACM RecSys Challenge 2019 will be co-organized by trivago and presents a real-world task in the travel metasearch domain. See RecSys Challenge 2019 homepage. Stay tuned for new information!
Sep 14, 2018Our Mediaeval 2018 task overview paper is now available. See publication page (Extended Abstracts/Workshops).
Sep 14, 2018Our paper at TKDE is accepted! The research has been carried out in collobration with the bioinformatic group of Politecnico di Milano and George Washington univeristy. See publication page.
July 17, 2018Has now a PhD with DISTINCTION! (Italian: con lode, highest possible PhD grade.)
July 10, 2018My paper at RecSys 2018 accepted! See publication page.
June 16, 2018Our tutorial accepted for presentation at RecSys 2018 on Multimedia
Recommender Systems! Visit RecSys 2018 Tutorial page.
June 7, 2018 Me, Peter Kness and Farshad Bakhshandegan Moghaddam will be the academic organizers of ACM Recommender System Challenge 2019, new information to come soon, stay tuned!