Content-Based Multimedia Recommendation Systems: Definition and Application Domains

Published in Proceedings of the 9th Italian Information Retrieval Workshop, 2018

Recommended citation: Yashar Deldjoo, Markus Schedl, Paolo Cremonesi, Gabriella Pasi Proceedings of the 9th Italian Information Retrieval Workshop (IIR 2018).

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The goal of this work is to formally provide a general defi- nition of a multimedia recommendation system (MMRS), in particular a content-based MMRS (CB-MMRS), and to shed light on different ap- plications of multimedia content for solving a variety of tasks related to recommendation. We would like to disambiguate the fact that multime- dia recommendation is not only about recommending a particular media type (e.g., music, video), rather there exists a variety of other applica- tions in which the analysis of multimedia input can be usefully exploited to provide recommendations of various kinds of information.