The MediaEval 2018 Movie Recommendation Task: Recommending Movies Using Content

Published in MediaEval 2018 Multimedia Benchmark Workshop, 2018

Recommended citation: Yashar Deldjoo, Mihai Gabriel Constantin, Athanasios Dritsas, Bogdan Ionescu, Markus Schedl MediaEval 2018 Workshop (MediaEval 2018).

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In this paper we introduce the MediaEval 2018 task Recommending Movies Using Content. It focuses on predicting global scores of users given to movies, i.e., average rating (representing global appreciation of the movies by the viewers) and the rating variance (representing agreement/disagreement between users) using audio, visual and textual features derived from selected movie scenes. We release a dataset of movie clips consisting of 7K clips for 800 unique movies. In the paper, we present the challenge, the dataset and ground truth creation, the evaluation protocol and the requested runs.